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About Us

Who we are

The Plant-based Food Alliance UK is a not-for-profit limited company formed of NGOs and businesses who are committed to driving forward plant-based diets in the U.K. Founding members include Oatly, Alpro, Upfield, The Vegan Society, Good Food Institute and ProVeg, who have come together to create a strong voice for the plant-based food sector in the U.K.

The Alliance seeks to represent food and drink producers, manufacturers, non-governmental organisations, retailers, nutritionists, academic bodies, and consumer organisations in influencing policymakers to develop legislation and Government positions that support the growth of plant-based foods.

Working with farmers and businesses through to retailers and consumers, the Alliance wants to deliver a healthier and more sustainable food system that sees a shift away from intensive farming.

The Alliance has a core membership who fund the activities but we also have a very wide network of over 100 businesses which we support and help to grow.


Why we exist

Consumers are increasingly shifting to more plant-based eating, which is an emerging economic opportunity for the U.K. Over two million Britons are vegans and vegetarians, and a quarter of the population now describe themselves as ‘flexitarians’. Already this country is a leading market for plant-based consumption, buying a third of all plant-based alternatives sold in Europe. So there should be a U.K. voice for the plant-based food sector which can advocate for fair policy to support growth and innovation.

There is also a significant environmental opportunity for the U.K. to transition to a more sustainable, healthier, and secure food system. Increasing the production and consumption of plant-based food and drinks can improve our public health and national food security and reduce our carbon emissions in line with the U.K.’s net zero by 2050 commitment. There is a range of policy work around farming and land management as well as health and well-being. The plant-based sector plays a key role in providing solutions regarding more sustainable food provision and the need to reduce intensive farming practices for producing meat and dairy.

The only way that the plant-based sector will move forward and start to influence Government policy around food policy, procurement and investment are by coming together to get a more influential voice. As it stands, the Alliance has the basis to become an entity like the NFU, which can collectively shape Government thinking and tackle problems together. We are at the beginning of the journey to deliver more growth for plant-based food in Britain, and we are committed to working across the food sector and taking a balanced and pragmatic view on getting the right food system for the U.K.

Our members

We are welcoming new members. If you are interested in joining, please contact us via our contact page.