Alliance Responds to University of Minnesota Report

25th July , 2023

The Plant-based Food Alliance UK (PBFA) has today responded to reports in the UK media about a University of Minnesota study comparing the nutritional value of cow’s milk with plant-based milks.


Marisa Heath, CEO of the Plant-based Food Alliance UK, said:


“This study examined products available in the US and so has limited relevance to the UK. For example, in the UK, cow’s milk is typically not fortified with Vitamin D, and most plant-based drinks are. That said, we would always advise that consumers in the UK read the nutrition labels to find an option right for them.


“As the study highlights, more than three quarters of plant-based drinks it examined are fortified with nutrients like Calcium and Vitamin D.


“From a UK public health perspective, plant-based drinks are included in the Government’s recommendations for a healthy diet and are included in the Eatwell Guide.”


A helpful guide to plant-based drinks can be found on the British Dietetic Association website here: Plant-based drinks – busting the myths | British Dietetic Association (BDA)