Plant-based Health Professionals UK

The Plant-based Food Alliance UK wants to ensure it provides evidence-based and current health information around the shift to plant-based diets. It has signed an agreement with Plant-based Health Professionals UK to collaborate and provide advice and guidance.  PBFA and PBHA are united in promoting health and well-being by using whole food plant-based nutrition and ensuring policymakers recognise it.

International Plant-Based Working Group

The Plant-Based Food Alliance UK has joined the International Plant-Based Working Group of equivalent Alliances from the U.S., Canada, China, India and the EU. The Group looks at how we can share knowledge and work to further the plant-based sector and collaborate on solving issues that affect our members, some of which are shared across Alliances. You can see more about this Group here –

Forum of European Plant-Based Foods

The Plant-based Food Alliance UK has also joined the Forum of European Plant-Based Food Associations, which brings together all European associations from Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia and Switzerland. This group shares updates on political developments relating to the food sector and seeks to focus on critical challenges facing European plant-based producers and NGOs.

Plant-based World Conference & Expo Partnership

The Plant-based Food Alliance UK and the Plant-based World Conference & Expo Partnership have signed a partnership agreement to work together to raise the profile of plant-based food around the conference in late November 2022. The Alliance will be speaking at the conference and encouraging as many businesses and policymakers to attend and discuss how we can develop the role of plant-based in the UK and internationally.

Vegan Food & Living 

The Plant-based Food Alliance UK is working with Vegan Food & Living to raise the profile of our work and ensure the plant-based community is kept informed of what we are doing and can play a role in encouraging policymakers to support the inclusion of plant-based in food policy. There will be a monthly Plant-based View from Parliament in the magazine and podcast updates.

Made in Hackney 

The Alliance is pleased to work with Made In Hackney the UK’s first fully plant-based community cookery school and charity. They collaborate with communities to showcase and develop skills, knowledge and inspiration to grow, cook and eat more plants. Made In Hackney has collaborated with hundreds of partners from home cooks and community chefs, to grassroots collectives, festivals, charities, housing associations, schools, public health bodies, small businesses, global brands and even celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and Olivia Colman.