PbFA Respond to MP Attack on Dairy Alternatives

11th October , 2022

Last week Ian Liddell  Grainger, MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset wrote a letter to the new Secretary of State at Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, setting out his strong dislike for plant-based alternative drinks.  He refers to them as ” filthy, nutritionally-deficient alternatives” and believes that veganism has had its day.

At PbFA we were really disappointed that an elected member took such a narrow perspective on the role of plant-based diets. We celebrate the fact that the UK is one of the world leaders in plant-based innovation and sales with all of the growth, jobs and export opportunities that brings.  People shift to plant-based diets for medical, ethical, environmental, religious and many other personal reasons and we believe in providing choice for them.

PbFA responded to Mr Liddell-Grainger and you can read both his letter and our response here: